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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Worth the 75 Million Year Wait

Blue Mountain coffee is one of Jamaica’s greatest treasures. At Rocksteady Coffee, we grow premium, sustainable Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans and carefully roast every batch to perfection.

Single Origin, Direct Trade Coffee Grown by Our Community

Our small team of farmers grows and hand-reaps only the highest quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans.

The Rocksteady Coffee Farm ethos is highly unique in the world of coffee production, where workers are often only brought in for harvest season.

Our ethics and production style means we do more than grow incredible coffee. Our farmers are part of our community, part of the Portland community and part of our sustainability pledge. With our head farmer Maxine at the helm, our team works full-time and year-round, giving them a stable, annual income with additional, unique earning opportunities.

Distinctive Smooth, Chocolatey Flavors

Hand-reaped in the mountains and roasted in the lowlands, Rocksteady Coffee is the best of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  Our 17.5 acre Portland parish farm lies at 3,330 to 4,1000 feet above sea level in Jamaica's premier coffee cultivation area, where the combination of volcanic soil and the perfect microclimate produces a rare bean.

Blue Mountain Coffee is already instantly recognizable thanks to its distinctive, smooth fine flavor chocolatey taste. Rocksteady Coffee’s approach lends to the big notes of chocolate you expect along with subtle nuances that textures and a beautiful finish.

Our Coffee Collection


Experience the perfect microclimate of Jamaica's Blue Mountains in a cup with Rocksteady Coffee Gold. With smooth, balanced notes of Jamaican chocolate, this medium roast coffee is hand-harvested on the single-origin Rocksteady Mountain Farm in the Blue Mountains.


Discover the exceptional taste and feeling of Rocksteady Coffee with our gourmet blend. This medium roast coffee is made in partnership with our organic Rocksteady Mountain Farm and local micro-farms and has a chocolatey nose, earthy texture, and smooth floral finish.


Slow down and savor the luxury of Rocksteady Reserve, our annual release of aged Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Aged for a minimum of two years, this dark roast coffee is made from hand-harvested Arabica beans on the single-origin Rocksteady Mountain Farm. Enjoy the richer flavor and texture of this exceptional coffee year after year.


Q: What makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so special?

A: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is renowned for its smooth, chocolatey flavor and utter lack of bitterness. To receive its protected certification mark, it can only be grown above 3,300 ft above sea level in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region. The cool, misty mountain microclimate and rich volcanic soil composition are the ideal conditions for coffee growing, and the area’s farmers are experts in producing the world’s best coffee beans.

Q: Are Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans expensive?

A: Due to limited production, high demand, and its unique properties, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a premium coffee bean. Rocksteady Coffee Farm is a certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee farm in the Portland parish, growing beans at 3,300 - 4,1000 feet above sea level.

Q: What is the best way to brew Blue Mountain Coffee?

A: To make the most of every note, we recommend brewing using either the pour-over method or french press. Avoid using a coffee maker with a paper filter, as this can absorb some of the oils and mute the subtle flavors.

Q: Can I find Jamaican Coffee outside of Jamaica?

A: Yes, farms like Rocksteady Coffee export Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee around the world. You can buy Rocksteady Coffee directly from our farm via our web shop as well as at our growing number of Jamaican and Canadian retail stockists.

Q: Is this coffee organic?

A: Rocksteady Coffee Farm takes a sustainable, organic approach to coffee growing. We use a combination of manual bushing and weed spraying with organic fertilizers, natural vegetation, and hulled coffee parchment to control weeds and reinvigorate and protect our soil. Not all Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is certified organic, many producers use sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

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