Visit the Farm

Nestled in the town of Cascade, the Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm sits high in the Blue and John Crow Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our atmospheric mountain surrounds are home to tropical flora and fauna that make Rocksteady Coffee some of the most distinctive coffee beans in the world.

We invite you to meet our community and enjoy a scenic tour of the Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm. Each tour begins with a trip into the upper reaches of the Blue Mountains. Visitors then enjoy an educational farm tour guided by one of our farm managers, Annette Saint John accompanied by a local parish ranger. Our group then retreats to the shade for a Blue Mountain Coffee tasting experience and lunch. 

Transportation to and from Cascade is included, as are water and light snacks during the hike.

Tour days : Farm tours are now on hold and will resume May 2023 after the peak of coffee reaping.

All tours are conducted in English. There is limited availability, so please pre-book to avoid disappointment.

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