From Farm Direct

Rocksteady Coffee is unlike any other cup of coffee. To make sure our story flows from the farm to your cup, our wider community carefully tends to every step of the Rocksteady production process.

All Rocksteady Coffee is single origin, direct trade coffee. Every bean comes from our 17.5 acre farm and is hand-reaped by our community of seven farmers. 

After our team plucks the ripe coffee cherry from the plant, it is then pulped and washed in the spring water flowing on the farm. Then, our coffee leaves home and travels down the mountain. Rocksteady Coffee is then dried, rested, hulled, roasted, and packaged at the base of the Blue Mountains in the port hub of Kingston, Jamaica.

Rocksteady Coffee sells our coffee directly to our short-list of gourmet retailers in Jamaica and Canada. You can also experience Rocksteady Coffee for yourself in our online store.

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