Our House

We’re here to serve our community and the land.

As owners of a small piece of the incomparable Blue and John Crow Mountains, Rocksteady Coffee are first and foremost true stewards of the land. Our organic, sustainable, and equitable farming practices serve as our guiding star and demonstrate our commitment to our local community.

Our love and care of the land and our people is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Grown in only four parishes, Blue Mountain Coffee is an unrivalled gastronomic experience and a bold expression of Jamaican optimism. One of a select few families growing and manufacturing these beans, the Rocksteady Mountain Farm is the product of a lifelong connection to coffee and the distinctive opportunity offered by Jamaica’s perfect geological circumstances.

Like Blue Mountain Coffee itself, the Rocksteady Coffee story is a gift of love and time. Founded in 2012 with a history stretching back over a century, Orville Ricardo Forbes began the Rocksteady Coffee journey to provide an exceptional product — warm in spirit and wholeheartedly Jamaican.

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