Rocksteady Reserve

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is ranked amongst the world’s best and receives special attention from connoisseurs around the globe. It is grown in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site which spans four of the island’s eastern parishes and houses several plants and animal species unique to Jamaica.

The park is also home to Rocksteady Mountain Resort Ltd, which is famous for its cascading waterfalls, lush forestry and mist covered mountains - it is considered to provide the most suitable soil type and conditions for producing a unique tasting coffee. Rocksteady Mountain Resort Ltd. ethically farms, manufactures and distributes this single origin, gourmet world renowned 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

 Rocksteady Reserve is a special selection from our beans that have been rested for at least a year. This resting some would call "ageing" further develops a deeper, more rounded flavour profile that enhances the floral notes of this truly amazing coffee.