Rocksteady Routes

Formed nearly 75 million years ago, the Blue Mountains are one of Jamaica’s greatest treasures. And over millions of years, the Blue Mountains’ slopes, soil, and climate have produced something exquisite: Blue Mountain Coffee.

Grown exclusively in only four parishes, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the peerless product of a perfect microclimate. Smooth, balanced, and enriched with unmistakable notes of chocolate, Blue Mountain Coffee is a bold expression of optimism -- free from any hint of bitterness or acidity

At Rocksteady Coffee, we know Blue Mountain Coffee is a gift of love and time, and we want to share it with the world.

Nestled between the eras of ska and reggae, the rocksteady movement was a period of unrivalled optimism. Rocksteady musicians took a deep breath and wrote music that took its time: the lyrics and the staccato chords on the offbeats presented a fresh outlook and a new Jamaica. Centuries in the making, rocksteady was an invitation to slow down and experiment. 

Inspired by the childhood memories of his grandmother’s coffee farm and perched high on the slopes of the Blue Mountains, Ricardo Forbes and his family bring you a coffee experience that will cause you to slow down and take notice in equal measure. 

As one of only a handful of estates in the Portland parish, the Rocksteady Coffee farm sits on 17.5 acres and overflows with the experience of our team of (local) farmers. Eighty percent of our staff are local women, and every one of them is a collaborative partner. They do more than help us maintain a product worthy of the perfect geological circumstances afforded to us: our team elevates Rocksteady Coffee to become something more. We lean into what makes our little corner of Jamaica so iconic.

Just as rocksteady is more than music, what we carefully cultivate is so much more than coffee. Rocksteady Coffee is as much an exceptional cup of coffee as it is a feeling, a partnership, and a commitment to something bigger than ourselves. It’s a chance to slow down, take a deep breath, and find delight in a time-honoured tradition. 

So, come on and get ready. Rocksteady Coffee invites you to slow down and see what happens.

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