Coffee plants require year-round care to reach their fullest potential. In mid-August, the pace of life at Rocksteady Mountain Farm hits a high note with the start of the Blue Mountain Coffee harvest. 

Here in the Jamaican Blue Mountains, coffee harvest season stretches from mid-August to the end of May, a long season by any standard. Blue Mountain Coffee’s long harvest seasons mean that we reap the bounty of our plants as it ripens — and never before. Every cup of Rocksteady Coffee arrives exactly when it means to. 

The Joy of Hand-Reaping 

The Blue Mountain Coffee difference lies in hand-reaping. Hand-reaping is the only way to achieve the remarkable Blue Mountain Coffee flavour profile, which is distinctively smooth and punctuated by unmistakeable notes of chocolate.

Our team of seven farmers work together as one to hand-reap only the ripest coffee cherries, leaving the rest to slowly ripen across the nine-month season. Each farmer brings decades of experience and a keen eye for knowing exactly which cherries are ready to begin their journey.

At seven years old, Rocksteady is a relatively new Blue Mountain coffee farm and our harvest increases year-on-year. In Jamaica, we measure our harvest in boxes. Somedays, our farmers bring in three to five boxes. Other days, they may only bring in two if that is all the plants grant us. All good things take time.

The Misty Magic of the Blue Mountains

Water is our most precious resource, and it’s the secret behind Blue Mountain Coffee.

The Rocksteady Farm revels in a seemingly endless supply of natural water sources, which means we don’t rely on drip irrigation.

All coffee farms in the Blue Mountains are naturally irrigated with year-round moisture and rainfall. Our bounty means our coffee crops slow ripens through its natural bearing cycle, never rushed. Because our coffee ripens when it’s ready, you enjoy a unique cup of coffee that arrives in your home on its own schedule.

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