How Gourmet Coffee Elevates the Consumer Experiences

How Gourmet Coffee Elevates the Consumer Experiences

As a grocery or specialty foods store, you’re already in tune with the same ethos and craftsmanship of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee without even knowing it. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a natural extension of your own goals, especially your desire to provide your customers with incredible experiences that open their minds and keep them coming back to your store.

Stocking Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee presents you as a destination for not only gourmet coffee but incredible consumer experiences that turn buyers into guests and guests into friends.

Why Gourmet Coffee? It’s the Joy of Discovery

When today’s consumers go to their local market, they have a careful list of essentials. But they also want to be ‘wowed’ with something that turns their shopping experience into an adventure. And they’d do it through specialty foods.

When shoppers come through the door, they’re increasingly buying highly-consumable specialty foods. The top fastest-growing specialty food categories are:

  1. Cheese
  2. Coffee
  3. Frozen meats and seafood
  4. Chips, pretzels, and snacks
  5. Bread and baked goods
  6. Candy
  7. Condiments
  8. Frozen entrees
  9. Yogurt
  10. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits

Make no mistake; customers aren’t just after ‘new’. They want that sense of newness to come with an experience: they want to be the influencers and tastemakers among their friends and family, be among the first in their market to try something, and even have an excuse to escape their everyday life.

Today’s consumers are asking for a lot from specialty food products, and that’s why gourmet coffee delivers. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee ticks all of these boxes, and that’s what makes it so easy to market in-store.

When you stock Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, your buyers:

  • Unlock something exclusive: Over 80% of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is immediately exported to Japan, leaving under 20% of each year’s already small crop available to the rest of the world and therefore only on select retail shelves. Much of the rest of the product stays in Jamaica, where it’s devoured by luxury hotels and grocers.
  • Imagine themselves somewhere beautiful: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee’s distinctive chocolatey notes are immediately recognizable, and once given the taste, the notes instantly whisk consumers away to the sounds and rhythm of Jamaica’s lush Blue and John Crow Mountains.
  • Build their morning, afternoon, or evening around a beautiful centerpiece: Gourmet and specialty products aren’t designed to be quickly consumed: they encourage the slow ceremony that so many people are searching for in their daily lives. Blue Mountain Coffee isn’t grabbed in a to-go cup on the way out the door in the morning; it’s the centerpiece you build your Saturday mornings around. When you buy Rocksteady Coffee, you’re not buying a vehicle for caffeine; they’re buying the experience.

Sell a Product that Aligns with Consumer Values

Rocksteady’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee isn’t just an exquisite experience. It also ticks the other box that specialty food buyers chase.

More and more consumers across the board -- not just the specialty and gourmet markets -- want to buy ethical and sustainable products. They acknowledge that ethical products come at a higher price, but that it’s a price worth paying.

Producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee demands craftsmanship, but the perfect cup doesn’t capture specialty food buyers without ethical and sustainable practices. Founded in 2013, Rocksteady Coffee had a chance to do it right -- for our farmers, community, and planet -- the first time around.

At Rocksteady Coffee, we proudly offer:

  • Year-round jobs for our community of farmers: A rarity in agriculture generally and coffee specifically, Rocksteady Coffee employs a team of farmers from the Portland Parish on a year-round basis and with a unique compensation package. Our woman-led, expert team makes a good, reliable living above all else.
  • An organic approach to farming: Rocksteady began rehabilitating the land we purchased in 2013 with an eye on the next generations. We take an organic approach to farming, with no pesticides.
  • Exceptional coffee beans with the strictest quality processes: It takes a long time to produce a quality bean, but Rocksteady isn’t only the gift of time. It’s a gift of love: our harvest method relies on hand-reaping, as our farmers can spot a perfectly ripe bean from an incredible distance, leaving anything less-than-perfect on the tree for the next round.

Will You Become a Rocksteady Blue Mountain Coffee Destination?

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a bean of exceptional quality and a tangible provenance. The flavor profiles are incredibly unique and utterly distinctive. It is a unique experience for your customers and friends: not only is it a transportive experience built on a foundation of ethical and sustainable farming, but it’s also guaranteed to be extraordinary.

By stocking Rocksteady Coffee, you become a local or online destination for gourmet coffee lovers and offer them a gift that they can find in very few places outside of Jamaica.

Are you ready to learn more about stocking Rocksteady Coffee? Get in touch with us..

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