The Farm

The Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm

Our little piece of Jamaica’s gift lies across 17.5 acres of the Blue Mountains’ rich, volcanic soil and perfect microclimate.

Located at 3300 feet ASL - 4100 feet ASL, the Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm is one of only a handful of coffee farms in the Portland parish. Our local community makes us who we are and we invite you to visit us on the Rocksteady Blue Mountain Coffee farm tour.

Our Community of Farmers 

Community is a part of Rocksteady Coffee’s heart and soul. The Rocksteady community is a diverse one, and our farmers are at its centre.

Our team of seven farmers has been at the heart of our story from the very beginning. Our master farmer and farm manager, Maxine, joined Rocksteady Coffee in our infancy and has provided an invaluable, guiding hand as Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm has grown from a dream into one of the most recognizable names in Blue Mountain Coffee.

With a focus on community development, Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm provides a unique opportunity for Jamaican coffee farmers to be valuable stakeholders in our farm. Our collaborative partners work full-time, year-round on the farm, a feat rarely seen in agriculture anywhere in the world. Outside of harvest season, our farmers take an active role in farm management and enjoy earning opportunities unique to the Rocksteady Farm.

Our Organic Philosophy

Rocksteady Mountain Coffee Farm takes a pesticide-free and organic approach to our farming practices. We use a combination of organic fertilizers, hulled coffee parchment, and natural vegetation returned from weed control processes to simultaneously protect our unique soil environment and produce the best possible beans.

Our Commitment to the Land

Rocksteady Coffee Mountain Farm is a place of community and magic, but we also know we are stewards of the land. Blue Mountain soil is a volcanic ash that is 75 million years in the making: the mountains will be here before and after Rocksteady, and it is our role to leave them in better condition than we found them.

Our commitment to the land lasts year round and culminates in our organic approach to farming. In the months before the harvest, our team of farmers prepares the land for growth. In addition to planting seedlings, we preserve trees so as to promote soil stability. We prune wood trees but never cut fruit trees, which means we retain biodiversity and grow a desirable shade-grown coffee.

Our weed control strategy is a combination of strategies, including manual bushing and weed spraying. Our manual bushing leaves 2-3” of the weeds in the ground, which keeps the soil cool and prevents it from drying out in between rainy seasons.

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