100% Jamaica Blue mountain ® Coffee
Make your season even more delectable

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Why Us?

Like the slow and rhythmic beats of Rocksteady, many can experience a rich indulgence once they take a sip of Rocksteady Mountain Coffee.

Located in the cool Cascade hills of Portland, on the famous Blue Mountain range in Jamaica, our Blue Mountain Arabica trees, are grown in the most optimal weather conditions for perfecting its coffee cherries.

Rocksteady Mountain Coffee, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee certified by the coffee industry board of Jamaica is offered as green beans or roasted using traditional methods to produce whole bean and ground coffee, setting in motion the smooth transition from our farm to your doors.

Coffee connoisseurs and anyone looking for more from their coffee will appreciate the uniquely balanced combination of low acidity, mild sweet-notes and the unexpected chocolate taste that Rocksteady Mountain Coffee delivers.

With its authentically rich Jamaican flavour, Rocksteady Mountain Coffee will no doubt satisfy your desire to have the most delicious coffee in the world.


The Story of Rocksteady Mountain Coffee

Sharing the warmth of Jamaica with the rest of the world.

Thank you for purchasing Rocksteady Mountain Coffee.

Our coffee adventure was born out of our sheer desire to make a difference and provide an exceptional product – warm in spirit, and wholeheartedly Jamaican.
Canada, 2010: Over many cups of coffee we would daydream about our “some day” plans to create something meaningful, and change our lifestyle. We wanted to give back to Jamaica, a country we loved.

In 2012 the talk of “some day” ended. And after many trips back and forth we made the leap and bought a decade old, dormant coffee farm in Jamaica’s misty and rugged Blue Mountains. We left our Canadian home and stable careers and moved to Jamaica to become coffee farmers and launch Rocksteady Mountain Coffee.

Risky? Maybe. Regrets? None.

There’s always a lot to do – running a farm and building a new brand but the upsides are worth the hard work. There’s something inspiring about bringing a derelict farm back to life. We contribute to the local economy and employ workers from the rural region of Jamaica. As we rejuvenated the farm, we rejuvenated ourselves and our sense of purpose.

We are exceptionally proud of the farm and our coffee. Our beans are hand-selected and mixed by Ric himself. We do small batch processing and roasting to make sure we meet our own high expectations as well as the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica’s rigorous standards for quality and consistency.

We grow some of the world’s finest coffee on some of Jamaica’s richest farmland. We are involved in the entire process – from planting right through to seeing our product, a little Jamaican warmth, reach your doorstep.

Thanks again. Enjoy.