All Together: Joining Rocksteady’s Wholesale Community

All Together: Joining Rocksteady’s Wholesale Community

We began the Rocksteady Coffee Company to share Jamaica’s greatest gift from our farm in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains to your local community. Our wholesale partners are the beating heart of what we do. 

With so many coffee roasters on the market, we know your customers have great expectations and you have more choice than ever. But Rocksteady Coffee isn’t a coffee roaster: working with us creates the rare opportunity to offer your customers a sustainable coffee directly from our farm in Jamaica. 

You’ll find camaraderie in our team because we’re as passionate about bringing an exceptional product to market as you are.

In January 2024, we’re re-opening our short-list of gourmet retailers and growing our community -- will you join us?

From Our Farm to Your Neighbourhood: Benefits for Rocksteady Community Partners

Community is Rocksteady Coffee’s heart and soul. Our reason for existing is to bring together our incredible team of seven farmers with our carefully crafted list of retailers for a collaborative partnership completely unlike almost anything else in the coffee trade.

What does a new way of doing business look like? When you become a member of Rocksteady’s Wholesale Community, you bring these benefits to your store and your neighbourhood:

  • Opportunity to sell an exquisite single-origin, direct trade coffee
  • Incredibly rare access to an independently-owned 17.5 acre coffee farm in Jamaica’s UNESCO world Heritage Blue Mountains 
  • World class training from a team who grows, harvests, washes, processes and roasts coffee
  • Superior customer service from the people who know the product best
  • Culture, partnership, and shared values in providing exceptional retail experiences

Dive Deeper into Our Commitment to Our Farmers, Land, and Values

Our wholesale business is more than a partnership: our shared values grow both of our communities. 

We’re able to grow sustainable Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee using organic methods and provide year-round jobs for our team members. By working with us, you can bring a luxurious coffee experience unlike any other directly to your customers. Our retail partners in Canada and the United Kingdom are far and away the only retailers in their neighbourhoods who offer Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, making them a destination shopping experience for coffee enthusiasts.


Our Shared Journeys: The People Who Buy Rocksteady Coffee

We’re quite sure we have mutual customers in common, and we know because we meet our customers at in-store events and have our own first-party data generated from our newsletter and website.

Do you recognise these buyers in your store?

Rocksteady Coffee’s customer demographic is unique in that we serve customers across generations. While they vary in age, they are all folks who have an appreciation for fine and gourmet foods and spend freely on products that they connect with. We find that our customers describe themselves as “foodies”, but we also appeal to the “cherry-pickers”, who are highly selective in their purchases.

Per their buying habits, they shop both locally and online for specialty and gourmet products; they’re the people who walk into a specialty store like yours and say “look at this! can you believe this?” in hushed tones even just to themselves. 


Working Together: The Best Fit for Our Wholesale Partners

We’re always looking for people whose values align with ours, namely placing your customers at the center of what you do and how you serve. In Jamaica, our presence is strong and we select stores who do just that and more…

In Canada, we’ve fostered close relationships with small specialty food stores who are incredibly selective about the items they offer their customers. They tend to put their greatest focus on products that are not just sustainable but traceable -- an incredibly difficult thing to do in the world of coffee.

Does this sound like your business? Send us an email or give us a call via our Contact Page.

It takes time to produce something worthwhile, so we’re never rushed. We will tell you more about Rocksteady, our typical customers, and why Rocksteady Coffee is unique even among other Blue Mountain coffee producers.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’re delighted you’re ready to learn more about joining us. Our best days are still ahead of us, and we’re looking forward to meeting you. If you have a question, we might have the answer below.

Did we miss your question? Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

Where is Rocksteady Coffee grown?

Rocksteady Coffee is grown high in the Portland parish of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains and managed by our team of seven year-round farmers. We produce approximately 13 tons from our 17.5 acre farm each year. We are working to sustainably increase our capacity to 45 tons via our expansion plans.

Is your product organic? 

We use organic farming methods on our farm and don’t use pesticides. Learn more about our farm’s operations and understand the power of traceability in this post.

What regions does your wholesale program currently service?

Our wholesale offering is presently available in Jamaica, Canada, the US and the United Kingdom. We serve Canada, US and the UK via our wholly-owned subsidiaries.

We import our coffee into the UK and Canada via our parent and subsidiary companies. Every order of Rocksteady Coffee will reach you within 10 days after roasting, providing your customers with the closest possible connection to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

How often do you roast and deliver?

As soon as the on-boarding process is completed, where we satisfy store requirements on labeling and product support information we fill orders within these timeframes after receiving a purchase order: 

  • Jamaica: 5-7 days
  • Canada: 7-10 days
  • United Kingdom: 7-10 days 

Do you offer a dark roast? 

Rocksteady Reserve is always a dark roast. If you have demand, we can also produce a dark roast for the Rocksteady Gold for you as a special request.  

What support does Rocksteady Coffee offer retail partners?

Our team in Jamaica and Canada are available to walk with you to help your coffee program succeed, so the support we give to our partners is tailored to your needs.. We’re not just providing an incredible experience for your customers, but we’re here to help you and your staff speak with confidence not just about Rocksteady Coffee or Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, but about coffee more generally.

Does Rocksteady Coffee offer in-store tastings?

Often after our first delivery, we follow up with in-store tastings as a way to engage with their customers directly.

How do you handle spoilage? 

We rarely experience spoilage because our coffee sells faster than any other coffee on the shelf. In rare circumstances of spoilage, we will exchange it for fresh stock free of cost.

Do you satisfy Canada’s labeling requirements? 

Yes. Reach out to us to learn more about stocking Rocksteady Coffee in Canada.
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